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We are able to supply a range of high performance PC's, either as stand-alone units or as a secondary machine to a RISC OS system when accompanied by one of our Keyboard Controlled Switch packs.

AMD Athlon machines

All our PC base units are based around AMD's Athlon processor.

Each is designed and built to an exact specification after consultation with yourself, highest quality components.

We won't claim to supply the cheapest machines in the world, but what we will claim is that our machines are built around your needs with expandability and reliability paramount, rather than built around the profit margins and tied-in-expanadability of "mass market" machines.

Common Parts

All machines come supplied with internal modem, Multimedia Keyboard, Wheel mouse and Speakers. Each comes supplied with all disks, operating systems are full install not recovery CD.

Optional Parts

Windows ME or XP : £80.00
MS Works : £20.00

Keyboard Controlled switch pack inc PS2MouseMini (with machine) : £90

Stuart Tyrrell Developments is a trading name of Advantage Six Ltd.
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