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USB Podule

The USB podule, designed and manufactured by Simtec is suitable for Acorn computers, including the RiscPC, A7000 and A5000.

The podule implements two USB ports, both capable of supplying the full USB specified load of 500mA each without exceeding the podule specifications. It is supplied with a HID driver, allowing the immediate use of keyboard and mouse - for further drivers please see our support pages and the Simtec website.

There is a FAQ regarding the design ethos of the Simtec USB card on our USBFAQ pages.


USB Podule: £69.00 +carr+VAT = £89.00

Epson Perfection 1660 Photo USB scanner with Transparency Lid

We have a very special offer on the Epson 1660 Photo scanner, complete with Simtec USB card.

See our Epson Scanner page for more details...

USB Wireless LAN cards

A range of wireless networking items suitable for use with both RISC OS and PC machines.

Please see our wireless networking pages for more information.....

USB MP3 players

A tiny Pen drive with built in MP3 player. Complete with software for Simtec USB card.

Click here for further information...

DigiFlash 2/7

Got a digital camera or PDA? You need DigiFlash!

DigiFlash allows all common camera and PC FLASH cards to be read and written, using our acclaimed access software.

See our DigiFlash micro-site for more information


Zip Drives

External Zip drives for use with the Simtec USB card (supplied with drivers):
Zip250 USB: £89inc
Zip750 USB: £119inc
The Zip250 will read and write 100/250MB Zip disks in DOS format. The Zip750 will read and write 250/750MB Zip disks in DOS format, and will read 100MB disks similarly.

Please see our RISC OS Page for details of IDE ZIp drives and media.

Thermal Dye Photo Printer

The Simtec USB card can drive most non-GDI USB printers directly.

We also supply a Thermal Dye Transfer Photo printer, suitable for use with the Simtec USB card.

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