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31st Aug 2006

Networking Products

The following products enable networking between PC and/or Acorn Machines

Wireless Networking

We have a range or wireless network products available for RISC OS and PC machines
Please see our wireless networking pages for more information.....


10/100BaseT network card for RiscPC/A7000. Flash upgradeable, includes BootP client.

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PCI Network Card

Realtek 8913C based network card.

10/100BaseT switches

High quality network switches.
5 port : £35
8 port : £55

Network Packs

RISC OS to PC (NET100+PCI+crossover cable) : £75
RISC OS to RISC OS (2xNET100, crossover) : £120

Packs including switches available.

Network cables, sundry items? Ask us!


Access shared PC discs with long filenames

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